High performance race car solutions through innovative design

Voodoo Motorsport provides a start to finish race car development and high-performance workshop, specialising in fabrication.

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About Voodoo Motorsports

Voodoo Motorsports provides a start to finish race car development and high performance workshop, specialising in fabrication. From design, to build, to maintenance, we can help you achieve your goals with reliability and serviceability. We also offer a full range of fabrication services including exhaust, roll cage and turbo builds, along with ECU and race car wiring, diff and gearbox builds and more!

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Our Services

Engine Swaps

Exhaust Fabrication

Roll Cage Fabrication

Turbo/Forced Induction Builds

ECU and Race Car Wiring

Diff, Gearbox and Engine Builds

Race Car Preparation and Fabrication

CAD/CAM Services

BMW Services

Big End Bearing Replacement

Rear Subframe Reinforcement

Custom Differentials

VANOS Rebuilds

LS Engine Swaps

Chassis Reinforcement

Engine Assembly

Suspension Setup

Voodoo Motorsport