Rear Subframe Reinforcement

Custom design and installation of BMW E36 and E46 rear subframe reinforcement plates.

BMW E36 & E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plates

We are specialists in BMW E36 and E46 subframe reinforcement. The design of the E36 and E46 chassis from the factory means that if bushings are not maintained, cracking of the body sheet metal where the subframe bolts in can occur. The only remedy for this is the addition of metal plates to support and spread the load of the subframe, preventing the metal of the chassis from fatiguing. The subframe failing in these BMW models is a matter of when not if – let the experts at Voodoo Motorsports address it today!

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Factory Produced or Aftermarket Precision Plates

At Voodoo Motorsport, our BMW E46 model plates are typically welded in or can be glued in with a factory epoxy as specified in the BMW provided service bulletin. BMW E36 models can be reinforced with either factory produced plates, or aftermarket precision laser cut plates.

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