Custom Differentials

Voodoo Motorsport are specialists in BMW Custom Differentials.

Specialists in BMW Custom Differentials

Most BMW LSDs are a high-quality clutch unit. However, clutches inevitably wear out. We can provide options to upgrade clutches, ramps and preloads for altered and improved differential operation. We can also tailor diff ratios to suit your specific needs. With extensive experience using brands such as OSGiken, Quaife, Wavetrac and Mfactory, we will get your ultimate driving machine performing the way it should!

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A Racing Diffs Supplier

As a supplier for Racing Diffs parts, we supply and use high quality European made clutches and parts. We can provide a full range of upgraded billet items for the clutch-type LSDs offered through the 80s and 90s, and supply all OEM clutches, bearings and seals upon request.

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