Race Car Preparation and Fabrication

At Voodoo Motorsport, we install and set up custom components including brakes, suspension and roll cages.

Your Race Car Preparation Specialists

We all want to go racing, but rarely have the time or knowledge to take a street car and turn it into a competitive race car. At Voodoo Motorsport, we can install and set up any custom or off the shelf component or produce specific parts to aid your quest for speed. Whether it be brakes, suspension, aerodynamics or safety systems, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your car functions and lasts the distance.

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Custom Made Suspension Parts & Trackside Services

We can produce or reproduce any fabricated part on cars, from suspension components such as control arms, steering parts, and adjustable mounts, all the way through to brake brackets, tail shafts, and various component mounts. To optimise performance, we also offer string line suspension alignments and provide full trackside aid, including a pre-arranged pit crew, or emergency repair due to failure on track.

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