Engine Swaps

Drive-in, drive out fully engineered engine swaps. Contact the experts at Voodoo Motorsport today!

Any Engine, Any Chassis

At Voodoo Motorsports, we can swap any engine into any chassis. We offer a fully engineered drive in, drive out engine swap service with full OEM integration if required, or using your specific parts on request. Any fabricated parts come with a lifetime warranty against failure, while any wiring includes a professionally produced wiring diagram detailing pin allocation.

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Not Just an Engine Swap

Our engine swaps offer more than just fitting a different engine. At Voodoo Motorsports, we assess your car as a whole, upgrading and amending a wide range of parts to ensure compatibility and reliability. We offer the choice of an OEM ECU (where suitable) or an aftermarket unit and have experience using Haltech, ECUMaster, MoTec, AEM and Link ECUs.

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